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Rose Punja

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A Complete Overview of Spice Money

Most of the business online and offline demands for a good money transaction service. From the plethora of such services in the market, choosing a reliable one may appear hard.

But the Spice money – the money transaction service, always there in the front end with the loyal operations in the customer-centric ways. Though it started as a B2B travel and tourism solution, now it grows its roots to the B2B spice money transfer.

Services offered

Aadhaar enabled payment system

The very recent inclusion to the service list is Aadhaar enabled payment system. It activates the micro ATM usage (provided by the corresponding banker) for financial transactions.

Just with the provision of the Aadhaar card and biometric features of an individual, they can start the money transfer process. The spice money is planning to set up the mini ATMs as retail counters. The vast coverage plan to include even the rural areas in India ensures the immense reach of the payment system.

Ticket booking services

Through spice money, one can sweep out all the hassles regarding their travel. Avoiding the queue and confusion, with a finger touch, they book the tickets for you. They have arranged many agents for train and bus ticket booking services. They offer a commission on train ticket which is a versatile feature of this platform.

Other than tickets, one can book hotels, flight tickets etc through this provision. Through the single wallet system, which is rechargeable, they assure the simple and quick interface for the customers.

Bill payment and recharge services

With the great feature of bill payment of many daily activities, phone recharges etc, they ease out the difficulties of the common man. The quick and in house services act very quickly without any confusion.

The reliability of such a huge money transfer is ensured in cooperation with the reserve bank’s Bharat Bill payment system. They promise the incorporated and interoperable bill payment services across the globe.

Spice money wallets

With permission from reserve bank, the spice money runs a wallet system by the name spice mudra. It concentrates on the remittance and money transfer happening locally.

About 3000 retail outlets are supporting and encouraging the spice money wallet usage and hence secure transactions. All the other services like bill payment, ticket booking etc can now be carried out through the wallet system too.


  • Direct solution for all digital and financial services
  • Simple registration formalities
  • nominal investment business plans
  • high earning chances
  • rural area coverage
  • works under all reserve bank norms
  • safe and trustworthy platform


With the lucrative services and features, spice money concentrates on its customer-centric approach. With its quick, reliable and simple interfaces, it can attract more and more users without any special offers.

It especially finds useful in rural areas where smartphone users will be less. For such people, the spice money has got their agents to help with. With a strong grip on the rural sides of India, the Spice money is growing rapidly.