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Rose Punja

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A Complete Overview of Rediff Money

Amongst the abundant investment options in India, the stock market is becoming trendier. Most the investors and traders are expecting quick results and the stock market is there to provide the same.

The continuous monitoring and complete awareness of the stock prices can help you out minting money from such platforms.

An excellent website that tracks out the day to day trend in the stock prices will do great for such people. And Rediff money is one of the best and popular platforms amongst them.

The features of Rediff Money

Moulding the website into a customer-oriented one, the features of Rediff money helps a lot.

It attracts more and more traders by providing vast knowledge about the field and real-time analysis.

My portfolio features of Rediff Money

This exceptional feature helps one to maintain their portfolio free. One can log in to this section with their Rediff id and personalize it with a name.

After that one can see the bar graph format of the performance of their portfolio for the preceding week. You can analyze the % share of the stocks and funds under your custody with the help of a doughnut chart.

A list showing the exchange, average buy price, last trade cost with gain or loss percentages will help one to understand the current position of their stock.

My watch list

This focuses on your future investment plans by tracking their movements.

When you add a new stock to the list by setting a price in the alert mode, it will intimate you any changes about the price. No need to sit before the screen constantly.

Investment tool

This calculation tool of Rediff money can help out with the gain or loss predictions before the investment. One has to select a particular investment plan, they wish to invest.

By entering the sum and the withdrawal date, they can easily get an idea of the unrealized sum of that stock.

Indices and sectors

You can evaluate the indices of Sensex, Nifty, global etc through this feature.

If you select a particular name from the given list, it will show you the constituents of that index along with real-time stock values and changes.

And going to the sectors feature, it showcases the sector-wise list of the selected indices- like banking, IT, Power etc.

Mutual funds

More than 25 mutual funds companies are listed in this section.

The user can identify the funds with low, medium and high risk by setting up some filters and can make a wise selection accordingly.


  • Free of cost experience
  • Daily stock tips
  • Multi-device operation: like a mobile, tablet, IOS, desktop
  • Import portfolio feature helps to save time.
  • Constant alerts and intimations


With all the significant features Rediff money is a great proposal for the Indian traders and stock marketers.

In terms of portfolio maintenance, watch list creation, live alerts and stock news, the customer won’t feel any difficulty.

Their simultaneous coverage of the stock market and mutual funds are appreciable.

Their reliable services at free of cost always attract more and more clients to them.