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A Complete Overview of Airtel Money

The journey of Airtel from the distinguished telecom company to the mobile wallet servicing in the form of Airtel money has got a success story to inspire its consumers.

By efficient alteration to cash transaction in digital forms through their mobile app, they satisfy the customers in the financial field too. Through a variety of platforms like android, iOS and windows it provides proficient ways of paying bills.

What is Airtel money?

With the payment bank license from the RBI, Airtel initiated the Airtel Payments bank. And they manage the Airtel money as the flagship product.

In rural areas of India still, majority of the population are not linked to any of the banks and unaware of the digital money transactions. Airtel money aims such population and works in helping them out with digital money transactions through mobile.

Features and benefits

The Airtel group always set exemplary features in their functional areas. In the mobile wallet service also they set their standards.

Bank account not mandatory

The greatest feature of Airtel money is that no need for bank accounts for money transfer. As most of the banks demand a basic balance amount, many of the Indian population hesitate to open the account.

But in the case of Airtel money, no minimum balance is needed to keep your account active.

Functions without an internet connection

This feature again aims at the rural Indian population where the internet connection will be poor or scarce. Instead of internet your phone just requires a USSD technology which is very similar to an SMS servicing.

By simply dialling *400#, one can access the app menu. Then navigating through the appropriate options available there, they can make an easy money transfer or payment.

Operates in most secure ways

With the help of a password protection mechanism called mPIN, the app assures full safety on each transaction. Without entering this mPIN, one can’t initiate the transaction.

Again over each transaction, the Airtel money app will generate a unique ID, to ensure high-end security. As long as your PIN is not lost, your amount will be safe even in the case of mobile missing.

Quick payment options

As it works without internet, no delay will be there in processing the requests. One must know the required service numbers and can connect to the service providers through it.

So while travelling or struggling with poor data connectivity, this app will be greatly beneficial.

Excellent deactivation plans

Long-lasting validity is offered on the Airtel money account once you register in it. But if you fail to make any transactions through the app over 6 months or more, deactivation will happen.

Beware of long gaps inactivity periods as this may end up in loosening the remaining amount in the account.

Offers and deal

The Airtel money app works in connection with many f online shopping platforms. Payment through the Airtel money app will get you more cashback offers and discounts.

The Airtel phone recharging also gives talk-time offers and more.


In the world of internet and digital money transferring, Airtel money is a versatile mobile app that works without the internet. This is the most secure and reliable option of money transfer for the common man.