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Find Bank IFSC Codes



Frequently Asked Questions

What is IFSC Code?

Every Bank allots a 11-digit unique numerical or alphabetical code. This is known as the IFSC Code

It is primarly used for NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS transactions in India.

An IFSC code can be found on a cheque lead or on the passbook of an accountholder.

How to Know IFSC Code?

The IFSC code is printed inside the passbook provided by the bank of the account holder.

If you can’t locate it. Don’t worry! Our IFSC search tool will help you find it.

Why are IFSC Codes required?

When performing bank transfers, the beneficiary account needs to be identified on the basis of location and branch. 

An IFSC Code ensures that a bank transfer is successfully transferred with no room for errors.

What Happens when I enter a wrong IFSC Code?

Nothing. The amount won’t transfer due to a mismatch in detail.

In the rare circumstance, that the account number and IFSC code match. The amount will transfer.

This can be reversed by speaking to the concerned bank’s customer care.